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09 February 2006

Update on microfinance mavens Kiva

An update on Kiva, the microfinance mavens I blogged about a while ago:

Got a nice note from the folks there last night, the relevant bits of which I'm passing on to you now.
Kiva has posted a bunch of new businesses up on the site. We've got around 20 businesses from three different continents, and we're hoping that you're still interested in what we're doing. We've got everything from a Bulgarian chokeberry farmer to a Palestinian carpenter to a group of Senegalese women using solar cookers for seafood preparation.
To which I say: coolness.

I am a firm believer in the notion of self-help, and as a serial small-businessman myself I would rather empower and put my trust in people with the entrepreneurial drive and spirit than any group I can think of. Besides, haven't you always wanted to go into the chokeberry-farming business, at least on the finance side?

Most of us have our favorite charities already, I'm sure, but this one's a little different. Drop by Kiva's site today and check out what they've got on offer.

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