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17 February 2006

G is for Gato (and Groceries)

Carrie was unpacking our FreshDirect grocery order the other night, and Mister Gato took advantage of the rare opportunity to go "mountaineering" in the high kitchen cabinets where we store our staple nonperishable foodstuffs.

He's always been intrigued by the padded, quilted plate protectors where our wedding china and crystal reside peacefully, mostly unused. (If we like you well enough to invite you over to dinner in our cramped little apartment, we like you well enough to serve you on everyday dishes, or paper plates, or right out of the cardboard Chinese-food takeout containers, for that matter.)

G is for Gato scaled
It just seems like all this padding... this box-like shape...
well, didn't you mean for me to be up here?

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