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06 February 2006

mediabistro.com: Don't Bother Writing For Print

"Breaking in as a writer no longer means you have to slave away as a Condé Nast editorial assistant in order to work your way up to someday landing a byline on a 50-word blurb. With more ad dollars moving online, the market for online content is also growing, and for writers there are expanding opportunities and more money to be made online than ever before. Increasing numbers of writers are finding that they can score solid bylines on the web and get paid on the same level as their print counterparts. While the nature of web writing lends itself to shorter pieces (and not to the kind of long-form investigative journalism that can snag $3+ per word at the high-end mags), online writers can still net anywhere from $.25 to $1.50 per word and make a reasonable living."
mediabistro.com: Articles: Don't Bother Writing For Print

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