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15 February 2006

The Gato Institute

From an exchange in the comments to the "WordCloud" post:
This Wordcloud is great - but my favourite part is the juxtaposition of the words. It seems to have created something called the Gato Institute! For libertarian cat-lovers everywhere, what could be nicer? - That's completely hilarious. The Gato Institute. It's like found poetry! I can see the fundraising letter now...

Wait, would that be for libertarians who love cats, or for the lovers of libertarian cats?

Because if it's the latter, we have a little problem. Mister Gato is decidedly authoritarian in his worldview.

Cats. Nature's fascists. -
Hmm, I see what you mean - the iron claw in the velvet paw, as it were.

It is sort of hard to imagine a libertarian cat: 'No, I won't sit on that newspaper, because it belongs to someone else ... not all cardboard boxes automatically fall under my mandate ... that mouse has just as much of a right to go about his affairs and pursue his own goals as I do!'

Having said all that, for all its dubious leanings, we'd probably still contribute to the Gato Institute if we received a fundraising letter - the cats here wouldn't give us any choice! -
Well, hell. If we've got people ready to pony up, the least I could do is produce a proper letterhead.

The Gato Institute

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