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21 February 2006

New ITIL blog, search engine

The anonymous blogger behind Dr. ITIL has resurfaced after a long absence with a new blog: IT Service Blog - ITIL Inside (and a related project, an ITIL-focused search engine.)

With the current corporate focus heavily on “do more with less”, customer complaints at records levels and the never ending global phenomenon in offshoring in India and China - it’s time to take a fresh look at how IT adds value to any business organization.

The adpater layer is Service.

Business folks don’t care about servers, routers, application API’s and firewalls. They just want their services to be always on, perform well and form a reliable part of their working life.

From the top however - how IT adds real value to an organization - rather than cost a ton of money and show little return (as the next project comes in late, delivers little and costs 33% more than expected) it’s clear a new agenda in demonstrating IT Service Value is necessary.

ITIL helps.

We’ll be following this one with interest.

(Also posted at Knowledge Work.)

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