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19 February 2006

Update on Mom

barry and betty
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I've been in North Carolina for a few days visiting, and am happy to report that Mom (Betty) is recovering nicely.

While I've been at the house, Mom's physical therapist has been by twice, and she has taken some impressive walks down the hallway (with a walker, of course.) She is walking better than she has been in some time, to put it mildly, and we have high hopes that the wheelchair she is currently using to get around can be parked soon, permanently, and forgotten in a corner.

My Aunt Margaret and Uncle Worth, cousin Chip and wife Sharon and their daughter Maia all came over today to visit. I've attached a photograph that Sharon took of me and Mom. (Just remember when you look at us that the camera adds 10 pounds... or, in my case, 50...)

In the picture, Mother is wearing a lovely scarf/boa knitted for her by a friend who also dropped by to visit.

Mom really does seem to be feeling better. Her color is better, and her pain is under much better control.

Thanks to everyone for your cards, phone calls, e-mails, and continued expressions of concern. I head back to NYC tomorrow.

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