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22 June 2006

Fake Name Generator

Tired of giving up your personal information to register for websites, just so you can read an article in a newspaper you're not registered for?

The Fake Name Generator will automatically create a brand new name, snailmail and e-mail address, phone number, and birthdate for you, as well as generating a fake MasterCard number that is perfectly useless for buying anything but *will* pass the bone-stupid validation algorithm that most sites use to "verify identities."

Here's the one it just offered me:

Matthew T. Cahoon
234 4th Street
Cross Plains, TX 76443

Email Address: Matthew.T.Cahoon@pookmail.com
(More information at PookMail.com)

Phone: 254-725-5626
Mother's maiden name: Jones
Birthday: December 19, 1951

MasterCard: 5484 8115 0376 9063
Expires: 3/2007

Like your name? You can always view this specific name and address here.

Oh, and "pookmail?" It's a temporary e-mail server. You create any address you like (e.g., "bitemeyouspammers@pookmail.com") when you register for a new website. For 24 hours, you can log in to that address at pookmail without a password, retrieve your verification e-mail, and move on. (After 24 hours, your temporary ID is wiped.)

Good stuff.

Personally, whenever I have to give name, address and other personal information at a site that I don't want to share it with, which is almost all of them, I register as Richard Milhous Nixon.

And let me tell you, the late President sure does get around.

Fake Name Generator

(Hat tip: security guru Bruce Schneier)

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