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02 June 2006

Yippie ki yi yo...

...get a long little kitty...

Summer is here a little early in New York; the weather is already warm and humid.

This means that Mister Gato has changed his sleeping configuration from cool-weather mode (in which he tends to sleep in a rough approximation of a croissant shape) to warm-weather mode, in which he stretches out so as to expose the maximum surface area of cat to the open air:

get a long little kitty scaled
This is a 3 on the Catfort Scale (hat tip: Sissy.)

Be sure to check out the Friday Ark at The Modulator to see pictures of other bloggers' pets; this Sunday, the Carnival of the Cats is at Tacjammer.

1 comment:

Laura Lee Donoho said...

Hmm. So that's what it is. Warm weather mode. My Sabby is posing in a very similar way today at Wide Awake Cafe.