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05 June 2006

Furry sentinels

Their feline brother, Mister Gato, gets most of the pixels on this blog, but Chow Fun and Chow Bella are awfully cute themselves.

Dogs love ritual and routine, and they also love anything involving food.

Especially our dogs.

I've been eating hard-boiled eggs (usually with toast and a piece of fruit) for breakfast lately--I need to lose weight, but have no cholesterol issues--and have taken to fixing an additional hard-boiled egg, and slicing it into quarters, to feed to the dogs as I eat my breakfast.

It only took them a few days to embrace this as part of their daily routine.

Chow Chows in Kitchen Doorway scaled
Peel us an egg, Papa.

In this picture, the Chows are waiting patiently in the kitchen doorway for the egg timer to go off, so that I can shell and serve their pre-breakfast appetizer.

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