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17 June 2006

Mister Goto

Mico Goto, who passed away eighteen years ago, was recently unceremoniously disinterred from his grave and schlepped to a new location across town, a casualty of the real estate boom in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The trouble is, no one bothered to inform the Goto family.

When a Goto family member showed up to put flowers on Mico's grave...
...[H]e found the land cleared, the graves uprooted and Mico gone.

"What a surprise this was," said [Takeshi] Goto, a Cary [NC] engineer. "Next year would have been my 20th year."

Mico was a tabby cat who lived 14 years, starting with Goto's sixth birthday.

After getting the runaround from the construction company and the former owner of the pet cemetery, the grieving Takeshi Goto finally tracked Mico down at his new location.

newsobserver.com | Man finds cat has multiple afterlives

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