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28 June 2006

Bedbugs Invade New York City

Tiny blood-sucking bedbugs have become an epidemic in New York City. The little pests have invaded even the cleanest and most expensive apartments in neighborhoods around New York. In fact, a councilwoman from the Upper West Side has called for a citywide bedbug task force to address the problem...

Bedbugs Invade New York City -- What are bed bugs and how do you get rid of them? (About.com)

We're not entirely unused to bloodsucking vermin in our neighborhood--the headquarters of International A.N.S.W.E.R. is not far from us--but the NYC bedbug invasion has finally hit our building, and most specifically our apartment.

I am planning all-out unconventional warfare with the nastiest chemicals I can get my hands on. Back before Rachel Carson and her band of do-gooders got DDT outlawed, we had effective treatments for bedbugs; now all we have are half-assed approximations of stuff that might (or might not) kill the little bastards.


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