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22 June 2006

Thursday catblogging: The Center of Attention

mrs. enrevanche has gone back to the freelance world, and found herself one recent weekend morning with a fresh package of book galleys to copyedit. She employed most of the empty surfaces available in the apartment, and finally hit upon the solution of taking our portable laptop stand and using it as a work table, as it's large enough to accommodate either a big laptop or a proof sheet.

It is said that nature abhors a vacuum.

In a similar vein, Mister Gato will absolutely not tolerate a large, flat, and relatively empty expanse of table that is not serving as a platform for an irascible tomcat:

Working From Home is Not Always So Easy
The woman is proving difficult to distract,
but I think I have found a way.

On Friday, be sure to visit The Modulator's Friday Ark at to see pictures of other bloggers' pets; this Sunday, the Carnival of the Cats is hosted by Life - Florida - Whatever (Pet's Garden Blog.)

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