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03 June 2006

Proverbs 26:11, Mr. President

The publication that would like to think of itself as the "conservative newspaper of record" (sorry, WashTimes--not while the Wall Street Journal's editorial board is still drawing breath) runs a lead story today on the sorry shape that the President is in, and on his desperate plans to rally his base by rattling a nightstick along the bars of their cages and screaming "faggots" (yet again):
With just five months to go before the midterm elections, President Bush, whose once-faithful base has abandoned him in droves, is turning to the same conservative hot-button issues that won him re-election in 2004 -- homosexual 'marriage' and judicial nominees.

The president, now fully aware that his plummeting approval ratings could cost the Republicans control of one or both congressional chambers in November, will use his radio address today and a speech Monday to push a constitutional amendment banning same-sex 'marriage,' just as the Senate prepares to vote on the issue.
Bush circles the wagons as approval ratings slip - The Washington Times


Forget the war in Iraq, and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Forget the corruption scandals in Washington, the premeditated trashing of the Constitution with malice aforethought, the profligate and unrestrained spending that makes a complete mockery of the bedrock principles of economic prudence, and every other screwup, major and minor, that has characterized this counterfeit-conservative administration for the last six years.

The gays want to get married.

This, clearly, is the most important issue ever to face our Republic.

Mr. Bush claims to be a godly man. I'd like to refer him to Proverbs 26:11.

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