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22 May 2007

Five questions for Chap

5/22: Bumped because Chap has answered the five questions over at his place.

Go read now.

We have our first victim volunteer.

Five questions for Chap:

Question 1: You often write about the difficulties of encouraging and managing change in large organizations, and are clearly fascinated by how actual innovations occur in the real world -- where better ideas come from, what drives their uptake and acceptance, and so on. Who or what has influenced you most in your approach to acting as a change agent, and what advice would you give to someone who is bound and determined to try to introduce big changes into their environment?

Question 2: As a milblogger, you are more patient than many/most with the relative ignorance of the civilian world to matters military, but occasionally, reactions somewhere on the spectrum from exasperation to disgust can be detected in your writing over episodic cluelessness that you've observed. What are some of the things you think that the segment of the population *without* military experience should know about the culture of the United States military, and how do you think (or do you think) that the world would be different if they did?

Question 3: Has becoming a parent changed your view of:

(a) Yourself
(b) Your wife
(c) Your community
(d) The world in general

and if so, how? ("It hasn't" would be an acceptable but totally unexpected answer.)

Also, your picks for best children's entertainment options?

Question 4: What does "information warfare" mean (in your opinion) and what should we be doing about it?

Question 5: Hypothetical: In recognition of your long service as owner and curator of the World's Most Dangerous Record Collection, a grateful Apple, Inc. presents you with a 1GB iPod Shuffle. You are about to leave on a long trip and this will be your primary source of music for the duration of the journey. Knowing that storage space is limited and you will have absolutely no control over the order in which songs are played, what do you load on it? (Please be as specific as possible. The ideal response would be a playlist.)

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