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20 May 2007

Meet Moonshine Patriot

John deVille, who really needs to start blogging again, points us to Moonshine Patriot, who helpfully translates Sunday talking-head talk-show blather into the modern idiom, e.g.:
[Meet The Press, May 20, 2007]

Dodd: when u have a military hammer everything looks like a country u can bomb the shit out of

Newtie: look at me im condescending and wrong all the time

Russert: yeah yeah

Newt: are we prepared to accept and legislate defeat look at i know how troops in combat think i played with a lot of toy soliders during vietnam

Russert: well there you go

Newt: we need to bomb Iran, North Korea, Waziristan, Hamas, Russia, Estonia, London and New Jersey

Tim: ok

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