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03 May 2007

An open letter to Nicholas Wheeler

Dear Mr. Wheeler,

Thanks for the latest shipment of shirts and ties, which arrived in excellent condition and, as always, fit beautifully.

The most appreciated article in the shipment, however, at least from the point of view of Mister Gato, our cat, was the box.

Mister Gato endorses Charles Tyrwhitt
We haven't been able to get him out of it since it arrived.

He not only sleeps in it, but spends many of his waking hours in it as well. (Should we ever need to mail him anywhere, it appears to be perfectly sized.)

We'll be ordering from you in the future, of course, probably quite soon.

I'd just walk into one of your stores in New York City rather than using the website, but my cat would never forgive me.

Best regards,

Barry Campbell

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