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19 May 2007

Meet "Marcus Biko"

With respect to the proposed immigration reform package, Cobb's got a good idea:
First of all, if I had 5000 cash to spare, I would get in line and get one of these new biometric foolproof ID cards. I mean what a great deal. Who cares if I don't get citizenship for 13 years. I've got an unassailable ID. I'll be Marcus Biko from Botswana. Who's going to prove I'm not? I was clever enough to get over here, sorry I don't have any records of that, I destroyed them out of paranoia. Do I have any relatives in Botswana? No my family was killed. Try the embassy. Do I have a bank account? No. I just show up, wait in line and get certified as Marcus Biko. Who's going to check when there are 12 million others in line too?
If I had $5K lying around unoccupied, I might follow Cobb's lead, although I think I'd have a slightly harder time convincing people that I'm Steve Garvey.

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