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05 May 2007

Ségo ou Sarko?

On the eve of the French election, an online quiz at Le Monde - are your opinions more in line with Ségo or Sarko?

Basic French is required (the quiz is an interactive slideshow and can't be translated by, e.g., BabelFish) and slightly more than basic knowledge of French politics and society. But it's kind of surprising how little command of language is required to read a country's newspaper of record (I speak Menu French), and what a shallow grasp of events is sufficient to understand political issues. or at least political positions.

The longer I think about that the deeper and more worrisome it seems.

Perhaps not surprisingly, I answered with Sarko on 13 of 20 questions (65%).

A tip of the enrevanche chapeau to Greg.

Etes-vous Ségo ou Sarko ?
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