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06 August 2005

Continued light blogging, and an absence of podcasting

I didn't make it back to New York last night.

Dad's not doing well at all. He came home from the "skilled care nursing facility" on Wednesday, had an absolutely horrible night, and wound up back in the hospital on Thursday.

My parents were assuring me that everything was under control, but a frank discussion with my Dad's physician late Friday afternoon convinced me that the right thing to do was to fly directly to Raleigh-Durham from Dallas. He is not, apparently, in imminent danger of immediate death, but without going into too much detail right now, there are "family" decisions that need to be made, right now.

My schedule for the next little while:

I'll fly back to NYC on Monday morning, put in an appearance at the office, pick up the "refreshed" computer equipment (the new laptop they've been promising for weeks has finally arrived, and should be waiting for me there), load on up clean clothes at home (stopping briefly to kiss my wife and pet the furry creatures on the way out the door) and then head back out to Dallas for another week.

(It's going to be fun getting these last few flights sorted out with our travel reimbursement folks. "You went where? Do we have an office there?")

Blogging will continue to be very light; podcasting isn't going to happen at all for a while.

Real life trumps virtual life every time.

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