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07 August 2005

Submarine rescue story

One bit of good news this morning is that the crippled Russian mini-submarine has been raised to the surface, and all seven crew members are safe.

Veteran submariner Chapomatic has been following the story avidly, as have other submarine bloggers; Chap seems to be particularly impressed with the coverage at Ultraquiet No More, which is a group blog for current and former submariners, and I have to say that the "gouge" (to use a term of art that I recently learned, hopefully correctly!) there has been of extraordinarily high quality.

This is one of those situations where "citizens' media" (blogs) will never replace formal news services; all of the bloggers covering the story were relying on the wire services for basic information. But the interpretation and commentary that was going on in the submarine-blogosphere was head and shoulders above anything I managed to catch on CNN over the weekend, and that includes CNN's interviews with military personnel.

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