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02 August 2005

It's not just a laptop...

...but before I go, and because I'm likely to be very busy on the traditional Catblogging Day of Friday, here's your dose of Mister Gato for the week.

Hewlett-Packard makes very fine laptops, and the dv1000 series that I bought earlier this year has turned out to be a real workhorse.

It's not just a laptop, though. It's so very much more.

It gives off a fair bit of heat even when it's turned off and just charging.

Which means that it's a combination bed and chafing dish for an irascible tabby tomcat:

Mister Gato prefers HP products
Mister Gato prefers HP products.
He likes every kind of mouse, though (even Microsoft.)

It's not just a laptop - it's a chafing dish for a tomcat
Side view.

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