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03 March 2006

How to tell when Barry has writer's block

Writer's block? It doesn't happen that often... sometime this weekend, enrevanche will hit post #1000 (this one is 997 or so) in less than 18 months of active blogging.

But every now and then, I am at a bit of a loss for something to say. One almost-infallible diagnostic sign: Mister Gato, the irascible tomcat, has had time to get into position in the keyboard hutch, and to use said keyboard as a pillow:

gato keyboard front view scaled
Mister Gato está durmiendo (front view)

gato keyboard side view scaled
Mister Gato está durmiendo (side view)

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meemsnyc said...

mister gato napping. how cute!

srp said...

I know he MUST be comfortable but maybe you could attach some fleece on the side of the keyboard there. He might need a pillow..