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17 March 2006

Found water is fair game

Cats love "found water," and Mister Gato is no exception.

Even when he has to contort himself into yoga-like positions to drink from your glass, if you leave it unguarded, that's exactly what will happen.

YogaCat 001
A moment of quiet contemplation....

YogaCat 002
Followed by a deep draught of New York City tap water.

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Laura Lee Donoho said...

Isn't that funny..My cats do the same thing if I have a glass of water around but if it is coffee they don't do it. They are discriminating creatures. You have a great kitty.

meemsnyc said...

What an adorable picture! Sebastian loves to drink from water glasses. Even more, he loves to sneak up and drink the milk from our cereral in the morning when we aren't looking.

Laurence said...

Ours regularly drink from floating candle holders, so we get lots of scenes of cats drinking from glasses. I need two coasters: one for the bottom of a glass and one for the top. -ls