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12 October 2005

The Daily WTF

This is great stuff, in a deeply geeky sort of way: new enrevanche reader John V. points us to The Daily WTF, a site that highlights truly heinous code examples, interface excrescences, and other techno-embarrassments that are guaranteed to produce a WTF? reaction in those of us with experience toiling in the IT vineyards.

Most of the posts involve actual code examples, and may be hard to follow if you've never done any programming; some of them, however, will generate a WTF? reaction in just about anyone.

See, e.g.:
BRUSSELS - The Dexia Bank ATM machines are experiencing a curious problem. The machines stop functioning when someone enters the number 7, making it impossible for people with a 7 in their pin (personal identification number) code to perform a cash withdrawal.

The Daily WTF: Curious Perversions in Information Technology

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