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07 October 2005

How Dad is doing these days

Dad is sleeping a lot of the time now; he is increasingly confused and disoriented, unfortunately, and does not always know who we (me, other relatives, his caregivers) are.

We did have a minor victory the other night; he had been struggling for days to tell us the name of some kind of soft-drink that he wanted, but he couldn't come up with the name or even describe it much. We had named every kind of soda and cola that we could think of, including some regional Southern and North Carolina brands like Cheerwine and Sun-Drop, but no, none of them were it.

Finally he remembered. He wanted a Grape NeHi.

Object of desire.

Y'all, if I had had to go to Mars to get him a Grape NeHi I guess I would have. But while you can still order it over the Internet, apparently, they sure don't sell it around here.

So I bought him some grape soda, anyway, and fixed him a glass of it. He got a big smile on his face as he sipped it out of the straw. "Is it good, Pop?" I asked him. 'It's just like I remembered it!" he said happily.

So if you're ever in this situation, I can tell you that Fanta Grape tastes a lot like Grape NeHi, apparently.

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