When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

27 October 2005

Indian Techie Flamewar

An hilarious and overwrought e-mail exchange between two very, very upset men on the subcontinent.
First, yes I have written mail to Managing Director. Because you are a cheap person. You are such a basted, you don't know, how do talk to any person. You are mental sick. Yes my English is weak, that’s why I worked in sentient under cheap person like you. But write now I have learned English especially for writing this mail.
Hat tip: Numair Faraz

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Larry said...

Wow, that just so took me back to that _Johnny_Dangerously_ character: "You bastiges...you fargin' iceholes...! I gonna cut you bells off..."

And of course, the priceless follow-up headline: "Deported to Sweden (says he's not from there)"