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05 October 2005

A perfectly cromulent article

Wikipedia: Made-up Words in The Simpsons
Skittlebrau, n. Skittlebrau is a type of beverage that looks like beer with candy floating in it. It is implied that Homer imagined it by mixing Skittles and beer (brew in German is bräu) in "Bart Star". However, later episodes show Skittlebrau as an actual product being sold at the 33 cent store. Another episode shows Homer asking Apu for some at the Kwik-E-Mart, only for Apu to tell him that it does not exist. It is assumed the combination derives from the known phrase Life is not all beer and skittles from E. Cobham Brewer.

This has been tried in the real world, here among other places.

A real band named Skittlebrau toured in the southeastern U.S. during 2002, composed of Zak Frentz, Ed Dean, Jesse Edgerton, and Ryan Lohbauer.

Hat tip: Screenhead

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