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19 October 2005

Top 20 Search Engine Helpers - Lifehacker

Lifehacker brings us a very useful article called "Top 20 Search Engine Helpers." Unlike many of these sorts of things, it isn't specific to one search engine (Google), but covers the all of the Big Four: Google, Yahoo, AskJeeves, and MSN Search.

I knew most of this stuff already; my Google-fu is strong. But here's a nifty trick I wasn't aware of, and I bet you might not know either - searching by date range:
12. Search within a specific date range: You can narrow you search to only a very specific window of time, i.e., you’re looking for Macromedia Dreamweaver information only between August and October 2005.

AskJeeves: macromedia dreamweaver betweendate:200508,200510

MSN: somewhat confusing to do; MSN has provided a Search Builder pull-down below the main search query box that allows you to stack your results from “updated very recently” to “static” (page hasn’t been updated in a while).

Yahoo: on the Yahoo Advanced page there is a drop-down menu titled “Updated.” You have four choices: search for content “anytime”, “within the past three months”, “within the past six months”, “within a year.”

Google: macromedia dreamweaver daterange:200508-200510
Bonus: There's a downloadable PDF Cheat Sheet containing all the tips.

Seek and Ye Shall Find: Top 20 Search Engine Helpers - Lifehacker

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