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01 October 2005

Things you discover about the person you live with

Further to an earlier post...

Things I didn't know about my wife even after ten years of cohabitation:

At one point in her life, she had a college roommate who was a huge Deadhead.

Honestly, it never came up in conversation before, and although I've got plenty of digital recordings of Dead shows, we don't have any discs or tapes in the house.

But last night, I was playing "Uncle John's Band" from the Garcia tribute show. And I noticed her singing along.

So I switched over to "Franklin's Tower." Ditto.

I whirled around, surprised. "Hey," she protested, "I went to college too."

OK, honey. Sometime tomorrow, we'll cue up one of the fifteen versions or so of New Potato Caboose that I've got kicking around, and we'll see just how hard-core you are.

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