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20 October 2005

Tempted by blogs, spam becomes 'splog'

[Google's] Blogger blog-creation tool and BlogSpot hosting service, together the most popular free blogging service on the Web, fell victim this past weekend to the biggest splog attack yet--an assault that led to clogged RSS readers and overflowing in-boxes, and that may have manipulated search engine rankings.

'Uh, ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, I think we have an emergency on our hands,' Tim Bray, Web technologies director at Sun Microsystems, wrote in his blog in response to what he called the 'splogsplosion.'
"Splog": Portmanteau word, combining "spam" and "blog"; a "splog" is a blog that creates solely to point to a commercial website, thus driving traffic and driving up search engine rankings.

Tempted by blogs, spam becomes 'splog' (CNET News via TechRepublic)

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