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08 October 2005

Diabetes Mine - a blog about diabetes

Special note to my blood-glucose-measuring, A1c-obsessing, pill-popping, insulin-shooting, carb-counting, dieting-and-exercising, hoping-to-stave-off-dialysis-as-long-as-possible fellow diabetics:

Amy Tenderich's "Diabetes Mine" blog is a must-read.

A recent post about the "nation of Diabetica" will give you a feel for Amy's style:
Last night my husband said: "There are more diabetics in this country than there are people in The Netherlands." Now this may not mean that much to you, but we lived in that country for nearly three years. My second child was born there. And I'm picturing all of the 16.5 million bike-riding, cheese-eating masses pressing buttons on their insulin pumps and priming their pen needles, toting monitors and counting carbs.

No, really. Imagine, an ENTIRE COUNTRY of us. Mind-blowing.

Even more mind-blowing is the Economic Force this represents. If roughly equivalent to The Netherlands, "Diabetica" would be:

- the 61st most populous country in the world
- with a labor force of 7.53 Million
- and GDP of $482 Billion
- with nearly 2 Million people over the age of 65
- nearly 9 Million Internet users
- reading over 300 newspapers
-- AND: the 20th most affluent country in the world, with a per capita income of $29,500
I've added it to the blogroll, and if you're at all interested in the topic, you'll enjoy reading it regularly, as I do.

Diabetes Mine - a blog about diabetes

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