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09 October 2005

Famous in France

The Knowledge Worker Free/Open-Source Toolbox is starting to get noticed.

Here, a kindred spirit in France notes the availability of the resource for her readers:
Barry Campbell nous propose une liste régulièrement actualisée des logiciels Open Source qui sont particulièrement utiles aux « knowledge worker » -travailleur de la connaissance -
Despite my snazzy blog-name, I only speak survival-level, heavily accented "menu French," but I am reasonably certain that Sylvie's post means something close to:

"Barry Campbell offers us a regularly updated list of Open Source software that is particularly useful for a 'knowledge worker' - a person who works with knowledge."

Sylvie, I'm glad that you found it useful!

Um... "Je suis heureux vous l'ai trouvé utile." Or something close to that.

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