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30 September 2005

Comes A Time: A Tribute to Jerry Garcia

Via the excellent Modulator, a link to an article about a Jerry Garcia tribute that took place in Berkeley on September 24th, complete with tasty high-quality MP3s for download.
On a gorgeous Saturday afternoon at Grateful Dead Ground Zero, also known as Berkeley’s Greek Theatre, friends came together for a reckoning of the faithful to celebrate the music of Jerry Garcia. After fine but brief sets by David Nelson, a pared down String Cheese Incident, an updated Jerry Garcia Band (with special guest Merl Saunders), and Ratdog, the sun set on the blissful crowd and the main event began.
As Steve the Modulator notes, "Not work-safe for Deadheads." He worries about productivity, but personally, I worry about flashbacks.

n u g s . n e t | Comes A Time: A Tribute to Jerry Garcia 9/24/05 Berkeley, CA

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