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07 October 2006

Good to be home again

Earlier this week, electricians visited our apartment to bring us into the mid-twentieth-century, wiring-wise; the entire 110-year-old building is being rewired and brought up to code, and we now, mirabile dictu, have enough oomph in the amperage department to run the toaster oven *and* the hairdryer at the same time, should we so choose.

And we have a dedicated 20-amp circuit just for an air conditioner. You can't imagine how luxurious that feels. (12,000 BTU window-unit air conditioner: already on order, scheduled to arrive next week. They're cheaper in the fall, you know.)

At any rate, this all involved punching a lot of holes in some very old plaster, installing conduit and wiring, and then doing a fair bit of rework with plaster, sheetrock and all the trimmings, so Mister Gato and the Chow Chows spent some time at "camp" this week.

And Carrie and I spent a couple of days moving furniture, cleaning up, and so forth, and while we had the furniture moved out of the living room for the electricians to work there, we even managed to put down the FLOR carpet tiles we've had sitting in the hall closet since last December.

in the new home office scaled
Your humble correspondent, in the renovated living room/home office (note new carpet)

We were very pleased to be able to retrieve everyone on Friday morning and bring them home. Gato was especially chuffed to discover that, despite the changes in the apartment (does anything discombubulate a cat more than rearranging the furniture? You might as well toss him in a sack and move him across town under cover of darkness) we had not done away with His Box.

taking care of business scaled
Taking care of business atop a much-loved Box

The Chows were very glad to learn that the bed was still in the same place.

The pleasure of a well-made bed
It would not be inappropriate to bring us pig ears now.

Everyone's happy.

Mister Gato and his Staff scaled
"This is satisfactory, but a little more to the left with the chest-scratching, please."

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