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03 October 2006

What about Bob?

Douglas Rushkoff is asking anyone who has appreciated the writings of Robert Anton Wilson to consider kicking in a few bucks: Mr. Wilson is terminally ill and flat broke, and in danger of not making the next month's rent.

I know that there are a lot of demands on everyone's time and money.

If you've ever enjoyed any of Mr. Wilson's thought-provoking fiction or essays, however, now would be a good time to make a donation, to make the final days of a worthy and worthwhile man under Hospice care a little easier and more worry-free.

How to donate:
Any donations can be made to Bob directly to the Paypal account olgaceline@gmail.com.

You can also send a check payable to Robert Anton Wilson to:

Dennis Berry c/o Futique Trust
P.O. Box 3561
Santa Cruz, CA 95063.
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