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20 October 2006

SEforA: Scientists and Engineers for America

A new group, currently in its infancy but growing quickly, seeks to influence US politics by providing support for sound, evidence-based, scientifically-defensible policies.

Meet Scientists and Engineers for America:
Scientists and Engineers for America (SEA) influences targeted elections at all levels of government to renew respect for evidence-based debate and decision-making in politics.


We envision a future where wise science and technology policy can help every American live in a safe and clean environment, enjoy quality health and education, and benefit from a strong system of national defense. SEA is the only national organization dedicated exclusively to electing leaders who share this vision.


The scientists, engineers and concerned citizens who comprise SEA are united by shared values and beliefs. Scientists and Engineers for America believes in:

Good Government

Scientists know how to test theories, how to tell fact from fiction, and how to hold one another accountable. Smart leadership and policy should depend on similar processes.

Open Debate

Vigorous and evidence-based debate improves government policies, just as it improves scientific theories. Excessive secrecy protects ideologues and incompetence.

Competent Leadership

Public officials serve their communities well when their own deeply held convictions are informed by and tested against objective data.

Political Participation

An educated, questioning, and engaged citizenry is essential for successful Democracy.

While the issues and candidates we support change from election cycle to election cycle, these enduring principles guide all of SEA's work.

I've joined, and contributed some seed money; if you care about scientific literacy in this country, I urge you to (at least) sign up for their mailing list, and maybe throw them a few bucks as well.

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