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12 October 2006

Thursday catblogging: The Pasha

If it's Thursday at enrevanche, that must mean that Mister Gato is ready for his closeup.

Here, Mister G. perches on a couch cushion, doing his best imitation of a duck decoy:

Gato Cushions 001 scaled
I could be bobbing on the waves and ripples of a gentle pond, but I rather prefer the couch.

And here he tries to pose for the camera, but he just. can't. keep. eyes. open...

Gato Cushions 002 scaled
Wake me when it's time for supper.

Be sure to check out The Modulator's Friday Ark tomorrow, and don't miss the Carnival of the Cats this Sunday at The House Of The Mostly Black Cats.

1 comment:

Gigolo Kitty said...

It's exhausting being a supermodel kitty.