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01 October 2006

Mr. Pink's Healthcare Horror Story

Bob's insurance also rejected covering the meds (the doctor didn't call it in). BUT, I didn't care. I KNEW I would get reimbursed given my past success with reluctant insurance companies. And, even if I didn't succeed, it didn't matter because Bob needed this medicine (as I'm sure the children needed theirs). So, I said, "I'll sort it out it later with my insurance company; I'll pay the full price now."

The total was $770.00!!!! If insurance had covered it, the total would have been only $40.That was an eye-opening experience for me. Since we haven't paid full-price retail for any prescription drugs in decades, I had no idea what current prices were. More importantly, I had no idea what the uninsured are expected to pay (when they clearly can't).
Mr. Pink's Healthcare Horror Story

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