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16 October 2006

No static at all: Understanding Triangle (NC) FM radio

Never let it be said that we don't do service journalism (service blogging?) at enrevanche.

Helpful hints for NC visitors:

When in the Triangle area of North Carolina, everything worth listening to on FM radio can be found at 91.5 FM or below on your dial, including two (!) very fine jazz stations:

88.1 - WKNC, NC State's student radio station
88.7 - WXDU, Duke University's student radio station
88.9 - WSHA, Shaw University (jazz format)
89.3 - WXYC, UNC's student radio station
89.7 - WCPE, privately-funded classical radio station
90.7 - WNCU, NC Central University (jazz format)
91.5 - WUNC, North Carolina Public Radio/NPR news/talk

All else on the FM dial is dross; a programmed, formatted morass of pop, country, Christian and "urban contemporary" bullshit... the same stale wasteland that commercial radio everywhere has become, essentially.

Since the student radio stations (KNC, XDU, XYC) are relatively low-output and you'll only be able to pick up one or at most two of them, depending on where in the Triangle you are, you now have all the information you'll need to program the presets on your rental car's radio.

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