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08 October 2006

OK, people, for the last time...

...there is no good barbecue in New York City.

Update, Sunday morning: However, if you're in NYC and interested in learning how to fix good barbecue yourownself, this looks mighty promising:

We'd like to invite you to The Baron's School of Pitmasters! - A first for New York City and a benefit for St. Mark Sports Association

Paul Kirk, the legendary Baron of Barbecue, co-owner of NYC's R.U.B. Restaurant, Barbecue Guru, Ambassador of Barbecue, Order of the Magic Mop, Certified Barbecue Judge, Kansas City Barbecue Society Board of Directors, Inductee into the KCBS Barbecue Hall of Flame, Author of numerous cookbooks and 1990 Chef of the Year Greater Kansas City ACF Chapter is coming to New York City to teach the Baron's School of Pitmasters.

  • When: Saturday October 21, 2006 - Rain or Shine.
  • Where: The Water Taxi Beach, 2nd Street and Borden Ave, Hunter's Point, Long Island City, Queens, New York...

BBQ Class: Paul Kirk's School of Pit Masters Sponsored by R.U.B Restaurant

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