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21 October 2006

Man-Mur Barber Shop: Tonsorial excellence in Raleigh

Continuing in our series of service-blogging posts about the Triangle area of North Carolina:

The best $12 old-school haircut in Raleigh (complete with straight-razor neck shaving) can be found at Man-Mur Barber Shop on Hillsborough Street, over by the NC State University campus.

manmur 21 oct 2006
Craptacular cellphone camera shot of Man-Mur Barber Shop

Man-Mur, sandwiched in between a coffee shop and a shoe store that seems to specialize in sandals and clogs, is the kind of place where the TV mounted on the wall alternates between CNN and Country Music Television, and the barbers are happy to keep up a running commentary on either.

Conversations occur between and across barbers, customers, ideologies and party lines, and there's a comforting rhythm and regularity to the place; when the phone rang this Saturday morning as I was getting a trim, every barber in the place sang out "1 PM!" before the guy closest to the phone picked it up.

Sure enough, he said "1PM, you're welcome" and hung up.

I accused him of being psychic, and he laughed and said, for years, when the phone rang on a Saturday morning, he just picked it up and said, "1PM, $12, yes he's working." (The Saturday closing time, the cost of a haircut, and the answer to "is my favorite barber there?" Man-Mur is not open on Sundays.)

That $12 buys you a careful and fine haircut, and for an additional $6 they'll do a hot-lather facial shave or a beard trim.

Haircuts there have been $12 for as long as I can remember.

Highly recommended.

Man-Mur Barber Shop (Google Maps link)
2708 Hillsborough St
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 832-4170

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