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02 October 2006

Kos: The Libertarian Democrat

Kos makes his best case for "The Libertarian Democrat" over at Cato Unbound:
Like me, these were people who didn’t instinctively reject the ability of government to protect our personal liberties, who saw government as a good, not an evil, but didn’t necessarily see the government as the source of first resort when seeking solutions to problems facing our country. They also saw the markets as a good, not an evil, but didn’t necessarily see an unregulated market run amok as a positive thing. Some of these were reluctant Republicans, seeking an excuse to abandon a party that has failed them. Others were reluctant Democrats, looking for a reason to fully embrace their party. And still others were stuck in the middle, despairing at their options—despondent at a two-party system in which both parties were committed to Big Government principles.
I confess that I am unpersuaded by his argument, and that I don't think this strategy is likely to siphon many libertarian-conservative votes away from the GOP.

I will also freely confess, however, that I am having a hard time seeing any reason why someone with a generally libertarian philosophy would vote Republican... the current crop of Republicans, anyway.

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