When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

07 September 2005

Blogging may be light...

...over the next several days. I'm down in North Carolina with my parents.

Dad is doing surprisingly well, considering, and Wake County Hospice seems to be a very competent and squared-away set of folks.

Mom had emergency surgery over the Labor Day weekend for a collapsed vertebra. (The procedure she had performed, called "kyphoplasty," was actually the subject of a major New York Times article about a week ago.)

Anyway, they were overdue for a check-in visit from me.

I don't blog about work, as a general rule, but I want to share this with you: my employer has generously agreed to let me work one week a month from Raleigh, starting in October. So part of the time I'm spending down here is getting a decent home office set up to work from.

This accommodation from my employer is going to make my life, and my mom and dad's lives, a lot easier... and it's not something I'll soon forget.

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