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21 September 2005

Hurricane Rita gathers strength, heads for Texas...

...and Houston blogger Laurence Simon, and his cats, are ready:

Okay, I picked up four jugs of water from the corner store, and I'll pick up some more gallon jugs a bit later. Lots on the shelves, like the neighbors aren't taking this very seriously.

No filling up the tub for me. Cats need fresh water, you know. Only the best for the beasts.

I've also stockpiled cheese and crackers, we've got a lot of tear-pouch tuna bags, and other delightful consumables that don't require refrigeration.

I've also got plenty of charcoal for grilling things if the freezer will be dead for a few days. Might as well make a party of it. Toss another everything on the barbie.

Lots of cat food, dry and wet. Plenty of litter.

Plenty of batteries for the flashlights, and tealights for the lanterns for light.

Spare battery for the cellphone checked... charged. Lots of batteries for the camera, and all four memory sticks ready.

I figure if I need more, Best Buy is just 10 minutes and a well-thrown brick away from serving my needs. I wonder if they give Reward Zone points to looters.

Batten down the hatches, dude. And speaking as someone who has lived through several Carolina hurricanes and the attendant tornados and aftereffects...

Fill the tubs, too. Seriously.

Laurence has a great set of links to Houston and Galveston-area bloggers pinned to the top of his blog page.

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