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09 September 2005

Dorian: New site, new album

Hey now. Dorian, the New York City musician we introduced enrevanche readers to in this post, and later on in a popular podcast, has a spiffy new redesigned web site, and a new album ("Garden") available to order.
Going back a good number of months I was talking about 'Garden'. In fact it was a little over a year ago I was warming to the idea. First, it made so much sense to call it Garden because of the aptly titled Seeds EP that I'd just started selling on the street while playing for tips. Second, there was the song that I had tortured myself with for weeks that was also rather aptly titled, Garden. I truly didn't realise it at the time but there was a theme, I unwittingly set myself up and threw a theme in the works from jump. Frankly, to me this process of writing songs has been a journey without a theme but rather a surprising amount of happy mistakes. So I'm just happy I could take in the bit of growth I've had during the time of writing these songs.

I gotta say that I am very happy with the results too. Producer Shakerleg and myself went full force to do this thing right. We worked so hard to make every song unique and unlike any other song on the album. I would say we achieved this feat and in the process gave me a completely fresh, upbeat sound. And I can now finally say, my debut LP is done and it's here!
I ordered the new album immediately, and will have a review as soon as logistically possible... but if you've liked what you've heard from Dorian so far, I urge you to check out the new site and whip out the plastic and get yourself a copy of "Garden," too.

Support independent music in New York!

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