When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

19 September 2005

Look! Up in the air!

It's enrevanche, packed with a shoehorn into the aisle seat of an Embraer 135, winging it back to New York City.

With Mom ensconced in her temporary new home and about to start physical therapy, and with Dad resting comfortably at home under the capable care of live-in nursing aides and the watchful eye of Hospice, it's time to return to NYC and the wife, the dogs (1, 2), the irascible tomcat, and, not least, the job they pay me for.

Home office down in Raleigh is all set up. The back bedroom of my parents' house looks like CompUSA blew up in there. High-speed Internet, VPN connection, printer/copier/fax, retinal scanner, military-grade crypto, heavy electronic countermeasures...

OK, some of that is a little exaggerated. Which bits, I will leave as an exercise for the reader.

I hope that everything is on an even keel down here, and will stay that way until I'm back in October.

Over and out. See y'all in Greenwich Village in about four hours.

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