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16 September 2005

This is not a joke, apparently.


Just click it. And check out the animated version of the site. We're ordering tickets for a weekend matinee right now.

Founder Uri Kuklachev clearly has a deep understanding of feline psychology (his English, not mine, but he gets the point across beautifully):
Wherever we are, we are asked one and the same question: "How do I train cats?"

For hundred years no one trained cats in circuses. Perhaps, because everybody tried to tame--which means to subordinate the animal to one's will. A cat never obeyed to anyone and will never obey. Because it always lives the way it likes.

But the whole secret is as follows. It's not me who trains cats; it's cats who train me and I just watch them.

Update, September 17: And now here the Moscow Cats are in the New York Times.
In 1988 Mr. Kuklachev left the Moscow circus, and in 1990 he founded the Cats Theater. It is very popular in Moscow, Mr. Kuklachev said, and over the years he has traveled to 80 countries and won many awards.

There are 120 cats altogether in the company. The other 94 are back in Moscow at the theater on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, where 10 caretakers and four veterinarians look after them. There, they live in the theater in glass-fronted spaces - not cages, Mr. Kuklachev insists - where they each have a bed and a chair to play on. They are allowed to roam but must enter and exit their rooms on his command, he said.

"We have no mice," Mr. Kuklachev noted.
Whoa. I bet.

P.S. Carrie got us tickets for a Saturday matinee show on September 24. God, I hope they sell T-shirts or commemorative programs or something.

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