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04 September 2005

A year of narcissism

enrevanche has been around for exactly one year.

Our first post, on September 4, 2004, was nothing more than a stake in the ground: okay, so I've got a blog; what the hell do I do with it now?

483 posts later (that's an average of 1.3 posts per day, for those of you keeping score at home) I still don't know the answer to that question. But I'm going to keep on embarrassing myself in public until I figure it out.

In one year of blogging, enrevanche has built a small but devoted (and clearly deeply disturbed) reading audience.

We've clawed our way from Insignificant Microbe status to Adorable Little Rodent in the TTLB Ecosystem (currently on the cusp of Marsupialism), and Technorati tells me that 82 sites are currently linking to us.

(I know that these numbers wouldn't even be statistical noise on a bad day for Glenn Reynolds, but for a Carolina boy sitting in his little Greenwich Village apartment bloviating about current affairs and posting pictures of his kittycat, they kinda floor me. I thank you, one and all, for sharing this little venture with me, and I hope that you continue to keep your expectations low so that I may continue to live up to them.)

The graph below (don't you love graphs?) shows our steadily increasing readership. (The spike in April of 2005 happened because one of my posts got linked by MSNBC; see below.)

page views enrevanche
A little bumpy, but the trendline is clearly upwards.

At any rate. We're here, we're queer (though not in the usual sense of that term these days), get used to it.

I thought that I'd point out a few posts from the last year that seemed significant to me. Typically, these have been the most linked-to or most commented-on posts, though comments weren't always made publically; I've published my name and e-mail address from the beginning, and this has led to some interesting private conversations (including some e-chats with other Barry Campbells.)

Let's do this again a year from now.

The list:

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