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24 September 2005

It's Chow Chow week...

Good God, y'all.

It's "Chow Chow Week" over at Dogster.com.

Take a stroll through the dog park...

...and see all the purebred Chow Chows on Dogster (almost 300)

...or all the dogs with some Chow in 'em (almost 2000)

A few observations...

(1) Chow Chows are extremely popular in the Philippines, it seems.

(2) Please don't name your Chow Chow "Bear." Yes, they look like bears. Get over it.

(Of course, this advice comes from a guy who named his cat "Gato," so take it with a grain of salt.)

Chow Bella and Chow Fun are standing tall at Dogster (and here in NYC) with curly tails wagging.

C. Fun (left) and C. Bella (right), when they were very small.
It was like living with crackhead weasels.

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