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30 September 2005

Box Fugue in G(ato) Minor

We still have a small stack of Banker's Boxes in the living room, with stuff (old papers and records, mostly) we've been meaning to move to storage for weeks now. Naturally, Mister Gato thinks we put them there for him.

He has marked the top box by carefully shredding the lid and wearing down an ass groove in the center, so that there is a roughly cat-shaped indentation there for him to settle into every morning.

Sadly, a well-loved cardboard box, over time, begins to sag, and lose its structural integrity.

GatosBox 001
And yet it supports the weight of an irascible tomcat.

He adores this spot. He loves it even more now that the box is starting to collapse and is sliding back into the converted armoire that serves as our entertainment center.

When we actually move this stuff to our storage locker, he will be utterly distraught.

It's a dilemma.

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(Mister Gato is one of the newest cat models for the Carnival's site banner.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Move the box, but keep the boxlid he's been using out for him. Should be a little humor somewhere in that scenario.

serial catowner